Saturday, August 12, 2006

Treaty, treason ... or trap?

Reaction to UN Security Council Resolution 1701 is all over the map. Washington Post reports here. Israeli reaction here and here. The Chuckster personally thinks it's a Sudetenland sellout of Israel engineered by President Chamberlain.

But there are other possibilities, the most interesting of which John Loftus raised on the John Batchelor Show, as related by Alphabet City:
John Loftus ... sees the UN resolution as a trap set for Hizbollah by US and France: Iran balks on the deal and sends Nasrallah before Manar's camera to reject the terms. IDF, poised at the Litani, crosses the river, seals the Syrian border and destroys Hizbollah.
Ooh, that would be just like Israel, y'know? Invade, get into a good jump-off position, bait the trap with a treaty offer that you know the mullahs of Killjewistan will reject and then -- wham! -- the snapping bar springs down and catches the rats in the trap. Let's hope so.

Alphabet City also informs us that Omri Ceren at Mere Rhetoric has been on fire fisking UNSCR1701.

UPDATE: Old War Dogs woke up and led his latest "Peace in Our Time" post by linking my President Neville Chamberlain post. I'm running late for something, so I can quickly steal all the Dog's links: Outside the Beltway, All Things Beautiful, and Big Lizards.

I'll be back tonight. Keep an eye on Little Green Footballs and Riehl World View for updates on breaking developments.


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