Saturday, August 19, 2006

More racist "humor" from HuffPo

Remember Jane Hamsher's "Blackface Joe" debacle at Huffington Post?

Now, a HuffPoster is joking about "profiling" white boys:

I agree with conservative pundits and politicians who say it's high time we start racial profiling for the criminals among us, especially mass killers. Look, let's get real. It isn't Norwegian grandmothers who are bombing airplanes, it's Muslims!
And it isn't elderly blacks or Asians shooting up our schools, it's young white boys!
Nearly every school shooting in America has been done by a young white boy. ... And these are the most dangerous criminals of all because they target our children!
Are we going to sit back and let them keep killing our innocent school children? ...
The blogger is obviously mocking Ann Coulter, but the school shooting phenomenon -- which peaked in the late 1990s -- is not remotely analogous to the kind of terrorism that killed 3,000 people in a single day on 9/11. No point quibbling over facts and logic with Democrats, however, since their worldview is immune to evidence.

Having analyzed the problem, liberal radio personality Cenk Uygur then proposes a solution:

I say we do a pre-emptive strike. Let's take out three random counties in Kentucky, Colorado and Kansas. ... Remember, these people only understand violence. We have to strike them over there before they hit us over here.
I know some Democrats aren't going to want to drop daisy cutters wantonly throughout the Midwest, but that's because they are cowards. They want to appease our enemies. They don't understand that the real fight here is against Youngwhiteboyofascists. These young white boys hate us for our freedom. If we don't act now, they will destroy our whole way of life. We have to beat them to the punch.
Ha. Ha.

A good joke works because, at some level, it's true. Uygur's joke flops because there is no truth in his implied comparison of (a) the occasional psycho-loner kids who go berserk in public schools, and (b) the ongoing threat posed by al-Qaeda and other Islamic terrorists. One hates to go point-by-point with a moron like this. However, off the top of my head, here are just a few obvious distinctions between (a) and (b):
  • School shootings are not an expression of political grievance.
  • The school shooters are not united by a religious belief.
  • The school shooting threat has not resulted in any massive disruption of commerce and travel. Millions of harmless people aren't being wanded and searched and asked to remove their shoes because of the threat posed by "Youngwhiteboyofascists."
Perhaps most importantly, in the wake of Columbine, school officials do indeed "profile" as a pre-emptive defense against school shootings -- which is a major reason why such incidents have now become quite rare. Teachers have been trained to watch out for specific telltale signs that a student may be contemplating violence, and all threats are now taken very seriously.

Uygur's joke flops because, rather than exaggerating a truth -- the kind of hyperbole that sometimes gets Coulter in trouble -- he is exaggerating a lie. If America had responded to 9/11 the way it responded to Columbine, then "Norwegian grandmothers" (and 9-year-old girls) would not be getting hassled in airports.

Americans resent the redundant and useless hassles at airports because they know exactly why it's being done: Political correctness. It is a fact (not a joke) that security personnel at airports are ordered to search randomly because devoting special scrutiny to young Muslim males would prompt accusations of "profiling."

The searches of people who don't remotely present a terrorism threat -- "Judging from my personal experience, they seem to have been focusing on finding explosive devices inside women's brassieres," Ann says -- are not merely an annoyance to travelers. They are a diversion of expensive security resources away from the actual threat, with the result that passenger safety is undermined, not enhanced. Every minute that a security guard spends checking an old lady (or a foxy blonde) is a minute not spent checking the people who want to kill us: Young Muslim males.

And that's no joke.


At 9:33 PM, Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

Eeeeeeeeek!..Profiling is the only rational solution...are the only sane ones who will concede to that?!..can we get a communal Screeeeeeeeeeeeam?


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