Friday, August 04, 2006

Liberalism? You can't afford it

Don Surber nails it:

They go to the best schools. They attend the best parties. They know what’s best for all you little people.The accountants of their fathers and their fathers’ fathers were good enough to protect their fortunes from confiscatory tax laws. This is why they are free to rail against “tax cuts for the rich.”
That's right, he's talking about you, Ned Lamont.

Sistah Toldjah's got Ned's number:

Thanks to lefty bloggers like Kos and Hamsher, Lamont saw his popularity rise considerably. Now, it may be the cause of his downfall, perhaps by being (as I noted in my earlier post on Hamsher) his Wellstone-memorial-turned-political-rally moment.
Meanwhile, Dan's having "Fun With Ned & Jane." And Junkyard Blog knows all about Ned, as does AllahPundit.

The Lieberman campaign issues a press release:

Lieberman campaign manager Sean Smith today released documentation showing that Ned Lamont lied about his connection to Lamont campaign activist Jane Hamsher, and demanded again that Lamont sever all ties to the creator of the doctored blackface photo of Joe Lieberman.
"It just doesn't pass the laugh test for Ned Lamont to claim that Jane Hamsher --who moved to Connecticut to be part of his campaign, travels with his campaign daily, was IN his debate war room, AND raised $58,000 for him -- is 'just a supporter,' " Smith said.
"The fact is she is a key force in his campaign, and it's time for him to take responsibility for her disgusting tactics. Her behavior has no place in any kind of campaign, and Ned Lamont needs to cut off all connection to her."
CNN reports:

Liberal bloggers nationwide have supported the anti-war Lamont campaign since January, raising money for the candidate and even appearing in his campaign ads.
According to the fundraising site, Hamsher and two other bloggers have raised over $50,000 for Lamont's Senate campaign.
Lamont's spokesperson, Liz Dupont-Diehl, said that the campaign has condemned the blackface image and asked for it to be removed from the site. She said Lamont will not sever connections with Hamsher, however.
"This is a distraction," she said. "This did not come from our campaign. Bloggers are independent entities, covering campaigns. Like reporters, they travel with campaigns and cover campaigns." ...
Lieberman's camp condemned the photo and disputed Dupont-Diehl's characterization of the relationship between Lamont and liberal blogs.

"That is a shameless lie," said Dan Gerstein, a spokesman for the Senator. "Reporters don't raise money for campaigns ... There are some gray areas with reporters, but this is not one of them."

Cool thing from this story: Lamont's spokewomen is a DuPont.
Lamont, DuPont, J.P. Morgan ... just ordinary folks who care!


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