Saturday, August 12, 2006

How to lose an election

Ned Lamont is off to a roaring start on the highway to becoming a political asterisk. Lamont campaign manager Tom Swan OD'd on Nedrenaline and slammed Waterbury, Ct., as a city "where the forces of slime meet the forces of evil." Swan has apologized, and Lamont spokes-heiress Liz Dupont-Diehl says:
"This is a misunderstanding that we'll certainly seek to resolve. What Tom was talking about was not any current elected officials and certainly not the people of Waterbury."

Oh hell yes, he was. (All liberals spokespersons lie routinely. It's part of the job description.) The people of Waterbury voted by a double-digit margin for Lieberman in the primary, which is what prompted Swan to make the "slime" remark to Paul Bass of the New Haven Independent. If was the people of Waterbury had voted for Lamont, Swan wouldn't have said that -- Swan was attacking the Democratic voters of Waterbury, 60% of whom voted for Lieberman.

From the Independent article, it's easy to tell that Bass is pro-Lamont, so there's no way he purposely misreported this remark by Lamont's campaign manager.

This is the whole problem with the Lamont campaign: They figured because Connecticut's a blue state, all they had to do was win the primary. But Lieberman isn't quitting, and Lamont clearly doesn't know what he's doing. Holy Joe's got a ton of cash and lots of powerful friends, and there's a huge bull's eye on Ned Lamont's back. It's 2-1/2 months until the election, and if Lieberman ever pulls ahead in the polls, it's going to be a snowball rolling downhill.

At Captain's Quarters, Captain Ed says Rasmussen has Lieberman 5 points ahead of Lamont in the three-way -- and Lamont's "positives" are now under 50% -- so we can expect to see more of these kind of can't-handle-the-pressure stumbles from Team Neddy, courtesy of the same angry misfits who produced the Howard Dean disaster.


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