Friday, August 11, 2006

Have the terrorists won?

The Commisar declares:
Apparently, complaining about travel restrictions has led to another blogosphere kerfuffle after Michelle Malkin called this post moonbattery. Geez, people, if we can’t complain about airport security, the terrorists will have won.
As they say in the Navy, "A bitching sailor is a happy sailor."

I never liked flying anyway, and do so as little as possible. My preferred mode of travel is to hope into my fossil-fuel-guzzling personal automobile and driving at criminally insane speeds. If I absolutely must take public transportation, Amtrak is more relaxing, and they have a dining car on every train.

Otherwise, if you don't like all the security crap at the airport, tough titty. It's going to be like this until we kill every last jihadi SOB who thinks the Religion O' PeaceTM gives him a license to kill innocent Americans. Vote Republican or STFU.


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