Friday, August 04, 2006

Blackface, fag jokes are now "progressive"!

Standards? We don't need no stinkin' standards!

Lamont's left-wing bloggers photoshopping Joe Lieberman into S&M gay porn pictures. Isn't that sweet?

And Ace says:

Jane Hamsher, unofficial Ned Lamont campaign staffer, posts blackface pictures on her site, and links homophobic photoshops on fellow Lamont-supporters' sites.
Daily Kos, unofficial Ned Lamont campaign consultant, features "Diarist" entries like "Imagine There's No Israel" and a great deal of anti-semitic commentary. And also comments containing homophobic p-shobs of Joe Lieberman.
Ah, well. These guys are skilled and canny political operatives. It's not as if gays, blacks, and Jews are important members of the Democratic coalition or anything.

Voters? We don't need no stinkin' voters!

Meanwhile, Jane Hamsher -- "Honest Ned" Lamont has apparently never heard of her -- is giving strategic analysis and cheerleading for Lamont's GOTV efforts:
This thing is not over, not by a longshot. The internal polling of both candidates says that the race is much closer than the Q-Poll indicates, and it’s all down to the ground game now. Lieberman is trying to de-incentivize the Lamont GOTV effort with disinformation. If you care about a victory on Tuesday, get yourself to Connecticut.
Besides, it is one big fat fucking PARTY here. Starting tomorrow night we’re going to be meeting up every evening for drinks in in New Haven, and we’re having the kind of fun people have when they come together to do something vital for a really good cause.

It’s historic, it’s important, and it’s something you’ll always remember. Join us and kick some NeoCon ass.
"One big fat fucking party" with one nasty-mouth Hollywood liberal.

Welcome to the Hamsher Canyon. Watch out, kids -- don't stand too close, or you'll fall in.

Jake Tapper at ABC:
"No one is questioning the Huffington Post's God-given right to publish anything its writers want... but no one should be surprised when conservatives try to stab Democrats with those same sharp words or images."

Jake is the luckiest SOB in the history of journalism. Rumor is he was cloned from David Broder. He's way too young to be so boring.


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