Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hezbollah, Seattle shooter, same agenda

"Hezbollah" is just another word for "Kill Jews." So the shooting in Seattle gives CAIR a new opportunity to do what they do best, lie:
The Council on American-Islamic Relations, Seattle, issued a statement Friday night.
"The Muslim community of Greater Seattle area watched in horror as news broke of a shooting at the Jewish Federation building ... We categorically condemn this and any similar acts of violence ... We pray for the safety and health of those injured and offer our heartfelt condolences to the family of the victims of this attack. We also hope that the perpetrator of this crime is brought to justice."
Not really. They just say that stuff. CAIR's all about Jew-hating. And America-hating. But mostly Jew-hating.

Lots of Seattle details and Hezbollah stuff at Blue Crab Boulevard.

"Pathetic stats"? I'll show you pathetic stats!

The Commisar is all over the latest flame war in the blogosphere.

And no, I don't mean the thing about all the cocks Wonkette sucked to get the job.

Plato & the GOP

The Republican Party platform is based on Book IV of Plato's Republic.

You didn't know? Well, this guy said so at Kos, so you better wise up, buddy!

Scary thought, a Kossack teaching a "philosophy of education" class.

Incredible headlines





Cox, 33, will coordinate's political coverage and write features and essays for print and Web versions of the magazine owned by the world's largest media conglomerate, Time Warner Inc., which is also the parent company of

Two years of making dirty jokes on a blog, now she's in charge of political coverage for "the world's largest media conglomerate."

OK, who's getting those blowjobs at Time Warner?

Wait a minute: Blowjobs. ...

It's all becoming clear now ....

Outside the Beltway calls the news "more than a little distressing."

I'm not distressed at all. It just means that if you want to blog for, you have to suck cocks and make dirty jokes. Tell us something we didn't already know.

Attention Time Warner executives: Let me know if any of you guys need a really good blow job. I'll bet I could do it better than Wonkette. You can just leave the money on the nightstand.

Kevin Dayhoff is to earnestness what Wonkette is to irony. Or something like that:
Admittedly, the path that Ms. Cox has traveled is not the most traditional; perhaps this is why I admire her accomplishments. She has tons of talent, enormous chutzpah and I rather like the non-traditional approach.
That is certainly not to say that I like everything that she writes nor do I wish to emulate some of her approaches, but the writer has a certain class and charisma, and I certainly welcome her refreshing approach.
As far as her writing on Wonkette, I never understood her gratuitous use of expletives. I felt that it detracted from her writing and was, well – unnecessary.
Fuck yeah. Those gratuitous expletives always detract from a good blog. But not from a good blowjob.

Don't ask the executives at Time Warner, though. Their lawyers won't allow them to comment on the super-fine blowjobs that Ms. Cox provides them. It's in her contract. But if you're managing editor Richard Stengel, and you've just put a 33-year-old redhead in charge of political coverage in a crucial election year, your wife may be able to read between the lines:

“Ana Marie is a sharp and witty observer cocksucker of the Washington scene and has the ability to spot political angles suck cocks in surprising places,” says Stengel. “In her new role, she’ll bring her great web instincts blow jobs to covering the hot topics of the day.”